Temple Reef – 66 Grand Cru


The ultra-responsive Grand Cru fishing rod can stop and move on-demand, able to seamlessly manoeuvre through reefs and shipwrecks so you can discover bounties of otherwise-unreachable fish.

Purpose-built for slow-pitch, deep-water fishing, this rod has a strong backbone, a two-piece 70/30 joint design and Temple Reef’s trademarked Direct Sensory System for the ultimate power, performance and sensitivity.

Slow-pitch jigging was invented in Japan relatively recently and is quickly gaining popularity in New Zealand. Snapper Head Tackle sells the best slow-pitch fishing rods to Kiwi fishers so you can reap the rewards of the effective fishing technique. You may be surprised at how many fish you go home with at the end of the day, from snapper and hapuku to kingfish and blue cod.

Stand out from the crowd with the 6’6″ Grand Cru rod, which is finished in a matte burgundy colour.

GuidesFuji KTAGFuji KTAGFuji KTAG
Piece2 pcs 70/30 joint2 pcs 70/30 joint2 pcs 70/30 joint
Lure (g)100-300150-350200-400
ActionMod SlowMod SlowMod Slow
Weight (g)144150162
Pack Length (cm)114114114

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