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Snapper Head Tackle is an online fishing gear retailer based in New Zealand near the shores of Tauranga. Founder Stu Marshall is a keen fisherman who has always loved being out on the water in and around the Bay of Plenty. After trying his hand at slow-pitch jigging and finding he was reeling in bigger, more impressive catches than with traditional fishing, he became hooked on the technique.

Slow-pitch jigging was developed by a deep-water angler in Japan and for many years, it was one of Japan’s best-kept fishing secrets. The effective fishing technique, which involves moving your rod in easy, choreographed motions to make the jig look like a struggling baitfish, is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. It is a great way to lure snapper, kahawai, trevally, kingfish, mackerel and tuna.

Now, Stu has made truly authentic slow-pitch jigging gear accessible to Kiwis by importing the best jigs and rods directly from the innovative manufacturers and fishers who have spearheaded the technique overseas. Due to its recent introduction in the Western world, genuine slow-pitch jigging gear is hard to come by in New Zealand. Until now. You will find all you need with our range of jigs and slow-pitch fishing rods.

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