who we are

Stu is a Kiwi bloke from Tauranga who has a passion for fishing. He founded Snapper Head Tackle to bring the best jigs and slow-pitch fishing rods to New Zealand, made by the developers who first mastered the fishing technique.

With years of experience fishing game of all sizes and species, Stu knows what equipment you need to fill your fish bin! 

Surrounded by the Bay of Plenty’s beautiful shores, Stu hits the water with his Snapper Head Tackle whenever the opportunity arises. There’s no messing around when it comes to quality, with the belief that a good jig is reflected in the catch, and Snapper Head Tackle’s lures haven’t let Stu down yet! 

“Saltwater fishing has been taken to a new level with slow jigging. I have found the technique so easy and effective. You can catch a range of fish species, and even tempt the laziest fish to bite. It is time to join the revolution!”

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Stu Marshall

Founder, Snapper Head Tackle

new zealand x japan

Snapper Head Tackle sells high-performance fishing gear online in New Zealand at great prices. Owner Stu has a great relationship with leading fishing jig creators in Japan, bringing the best slow-pitch jigs directly to Kiwis.

Why purchase tackle imported from Japan? Japanese anglers have spent many years mastering the art of slow-pitch jigging, and their expertise and innovation can be seen in the Sea Falcon range of lures stocked by Snapper Head Tackle. The slow-pitch jigging fishing technique is relatively new to New Zealand, and Stu has found the gear stocked here does not live up to Japan’s standards.

The innovation and mastery that has gone into creating Sea Falcon jigs is unmatched. The developers have come up with a structure that is durable, buoyant and offers accurate lure control. All their processes are done in-house to ensure the highest quality, including meticulously hand-painting the unique designs that predatory gamefish can’t resist.