Sea Falcon – Drain Inchiku


The secret is out. Inchiku jigs were originally used by commercial fishermen in Japan to easily catch great hauls of fish, but they are now gaining popularity among casual anglers. Roughly translated, Inchiku means ‘So easy it must be cheating’. For maximum reward with minimal effort, try the Sea Falcon Drain Inchiku.

The jig is designed to imitate baitfish and is great for reef fishing and deep-sea fishing where the water pressure is high. A squid skirt adds extra movement to grab the attention of groundfish and does double duty by hiding the hook.

To use the Drain Inchiku jig, anglers can simply allow it to fall to the seabed and use a slow retrieve and gentle jigging action. Its double-drain structure makes its movements irregular and in line with an injured, vulnerable baitfish.


  • Creates a slow-pitch, jerking action
  • Great for bottom-fishing
  • Has two rigging options: Attach to the front for a slow-jig, or the rear for a wider fluttering action

Best for catching bottomfish:

  • Hapuku
  • Snapper
  • Cod

action drain
drain info graph
Fall speed Fast54321slow
Weight BalanceFront54321rear
Pause timeLong54321Short
Pull ResistLight54321Heavy
Slide WidthBig54321Small

Our specialist jig spec chart gives you a bit of insight into the type of fishing this lure excels at. The chart scales from 1 to 5, with 1 being the centre and 5 being the outer rim. Become a master of the jig with this refined graph.

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