Liber Tango – 220mm 115g


The Fish Trippers’ “Liber Tango” has reached a cult status over the years as one of the most effective stickbaits for big fish

“Liber Tango”, a diving pencil bait aimed at “pulling out the uncatchable fish” and has been over the years proven on number trophy sized GTs, Tuna and Kingfish. The extremely quick response, strong structure due to polyurethane, wide darting actions and intense flushing due to flat sides makes it an ultimate off-shore stickbait.

Fish Trippers is a company out of Japan that over several years of testing produce lures only of the highest quality. The Liber Tango stickbait is an example of this dedication to create an exceptional product as the lure was tested for years. The Liber Tango has a great lively action, very user friendly. It’s built tough and has an incredible finish. The brilliance of abalone finish is truly difficult to communicate by photos only.

Weight: 115g

Length: 220mm

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