Temple Reef – Levitate Nabla


Temple Reef’s flagship slow-pitch jigging rod has evolved to its 6th edition, which has been perfected to give anglers the best stability, comfort, balance and sensitivity.

The 6’8″ fishing rod is ergonomically designed. Its innovative handle, which Temple Reef has named the Nabla, is slim yet more robust than the traditional style, and more comfortable – especially when you’re battling a fish with the rod under your armpit.

With a Flat Top design near the rear of the handle, you have a comfortable place to rest your forearm while you are jigging. This gives the rod the ultimate stability and gives you the best performance.

Levitate Nabla jigging rod is equipped with the signature Direct Sensory System so you can feel more movements and know when you have that bite.

ModelNabla ZeroNabla INabla IINabla III
GuidesFuji IG SiC GuidesFuji IG SiC GuidesFuji IG SiC GuidesFuji IG SiC Guides
Piece2 (Butt Joint)2 (Butt Joint)2 (Butt Joint)2 (Butt Joint)
Lure (g)50-200g100-300g150-400g200-500g
Weight (g)156157160161
Pack Length (cm)157157157157

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