Temple Reef – Elevate 2.0


Elevate your fishing experience with the Elevate 2.0 fishing rod, made by high-performance fishing gear creators Temple Reef. A perfect entry-level rod for anglers starting out with slow-pitch jigging, this rod has all the features you need to reel in the most impressive catches.

One of Temple Reef’s newest releases, the 6’9″ rod features a neutral spiral guide train to easily return your line to the centre. It also benefits from the brand’s signature Direct Sensory System so you get a good feel for what is happening at the end of your rod.

You will be hooked on slow-pitch jigging in no time.

GuidesFuji KTAGFuji KTAGFuji KTAG
PowerLightMed LightMedium
Lure (g)100-300150-350200-400
Weight (g)146149146
Pack Length (cm)157157157

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