Kouryoumaru – Banana Jig


The Kouryoumaru Banana jig was designed by Captain Yoshihiro Iwasaki, a famous charter boat operator from the far West of Kyushu Island, Japan. After years of product development and testing the Banana Jig was born.

These Jigs are hand-made in Japan in very limited small runs.

The jig is designed for high-speed jigging targeting predominately Kingfish but can be used for pelagics. The Banana Jig is a uniquely shaped jig, producing a natural swooping dart action when jerking upwards. On the fall, the jig will flutter before it produces a long horizontal slide.

The Captain recommends a slower, long pitch, compared to other traditional high pitch jigs, giving the jig more action through the water column.


  • Kingfish
  • Tuna

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